Friday, 30 October 2009


The two legs put me in a cage and then in a strange big metal box.

It made a noise I didn't like and moved!!!

Then he carried me - in my metal cage - into somewhere.

Another two legs then pushed something into my arse.

I kid you not. A cold tube thing. Right up there. I hissied and spitted and the two legs just carried on. What is this??????

The two legs obviously like to torture us.

Then another thing. A pointy thing. The two legs that my two legs called a vet pushed a sharpy thing in me.

I is better now. I don't feel sicky sicky now.

I sleep on two legs. I kind of don't mind two legs in the big box. He talks to me. I not know what he says but he feeds me and he is nice to me....except for vet thing.

I will not piss or crap on him.

He is like big cat. He is leader. He will look after me.


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  1. Got 4 of your kind here with me that would like to teach you something....