Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dogs and cats and dogs and cats


Good grief....Lacey the dog, the dog from next door, comes running in through front door and barks and Stealthy and my Centurions run away - except The Bumbles aka Bumble aka Bumbleeeny who just sits and hisses at

.....some muslim (what is one of those?) neighbour throws a shoe at me - in front of my Man Two Legs - and says I am the pet of an 'infidel'....what is an infidel???...and my Man Two Legs thumps him and he falls over and the police come and.....well...I is not sure what happens nextimuss...My Man Two Legs shouts at the police and they goes away.

People seems to go away if MY Man Two Legs shout....He shouts loudimuss and won't shut upimuss.

He NEVER shouts at me and mine that is what countsimuss?

I am Maximus Spittimus...but I is subduedimuss....

There are strange things happenings in my neighbourhood and I don't understandimuss....

The Man Two Legs says we are leaving.....he says we are leaving before he 'loses it'.

What is he losing? I is confusedimuss....this is MY placeimuss.

Why are we leaving?

I 'as been here since I was this....


  1. How horrible for you and your Man Two Legs. That neighbor is an intolerant putz. I could use stronger words, but I am trying to be polite which he was definitely not...

  2. What!?!? Oh dear!! What's all this intolerance!? I am so sorry to read this and I do hope things settle down asap!!

    Take care

  3. Sounds most frightful! I am glad you have Man Two Legs and many centurions! P. Treasure

  4. Crikey Maximus, the world of apes has gone mad. The muslim bloke can't know his own religion very well if he refers to cats in such a disparaging way, 'cos the muslim god thing "Allah" once stayed put where he was sitting for ages because a cat was asleep on the robe of his sleeve, and he knew it would be very rude and very wrong to disturb a sleeping cat. Well done Two Legs for whapping the shoe throwing ape and shouting at the police! We hope your family can find a cat loving place to live soon

    Gerry & Mungo

  5. You sure live in an exciting neighborhood. We're glad you're okay.

  6. The Book Of Hadith - Sayings of the prophet muhammad from the mishkat al-masabih selected by Charles Le Gai Eaton

    page 88 - Animals - first entry

    "Ibn 'Umar said that he heard gods messenger prohibit keeping an animal or any creature waiting to be killed (for food). Ibn 'Umar also told that the prophet cursed those who used a living creature as a target."

    If that bloke really does believe in an after life, then he's screwed.