Monday, 20 August 2012

The Maximus Spiittimus Update

This is me...clearly...this is me...

The Two Legs is very busyimuss and can't help me update my bloggimus as much as I would likes...

Bloody useless in't he?..;-)

Feedings time in The Maximus Empire....Just to show you that all kitties are well fedimuss!!

Well..they has to be to serve me!!!

Marie and Purdy are staying hereimuss...SJ (Smokey Josephine), Jack n Jill have had to go to new homes as The Two Legs can't afford to keep all of the new kitties.....

I is sadimuss to lose them.....

I will not forgets them and they is goings to good homes where they will be treated as Centurions!!!...I 'as that on good authority from The Two Legs....

Bye bye my Jill

Bye bye my Jack

Bye bye my SJ

You is going to good Two Legs and you will be cared for and loved and hugged....

But I will miss you so very very muchimuss!!!!


I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I 'as spokens...


  1. All hail Maximus Spittimus! Me and Charlie, your most loyal centurions are weeping and a wailing!!
    We are so sadimuss to see sweet SJ, Jill and Jack leave our Legion of Lovelies! :-(

    We hope their new families will serve them well and pander to their every need!! They are too be worshipped!! Oh we are very sadimuss! :-(

    Take care

  2. we are sad to see them go but glad they found good homes..... mom says she would love to keep everyone but she knows her limits too.

  3. All Hail, Emperor Maximus:

    We are sorry to hear that the lovely kittens SJ, Jack and Jill, are leaving your homestead. However, they may be valuable as scouts and ambassadors for your Empire. Luckily you have a responsible two legs to help find them great homes. And may I say how handsome and sleek you look in these photographs?

    Princess Treasure