Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I apologises...I as been busy sniffings. Sniffings has made me absent from the blogimuss world....

There is a new stray sneaking into my cat flapimuss and I is sniffings for where he is goings.

The Two Legs think he is another Stealth Bomber and will come and live here.

That depends! If he is worthy of being a Maximus Centurion he can come and live here.

If not I will....I will....I will....er

I will set The Bumbles on him!!!!


  1. All hail Maximus Spittimus! Me and Charlie your most loyal centurions are doing a happy dance with bells on at the thought of another recruit to your empire!!! Stealth Bomber mark 2 sounds gorgeous!! We are so happy he has come to worship you! We hope he proves to be worthy-muss! Yay!

    Take care

  2. A wise commander knows what troops goes where best.

  3. Another stealth bomber, must be spy. He is probably checking you out to see if he wants to join your troops. Keep an eye on him.