Thursday, 13 January 2011

Maximus Spittimus Seagull

Two Legs has taken lots of pics of me on his new camera - but, being Two Legs, he hasn't worked out how to download them yet.

Lots of new piccies are on the way....hopefully this milleniumimuss.......

Two Legs thinks I is a Seagull.

I tolds you he is nuttymuss!!!

He says I is like the Seagulls in 'Finding Nemo'....Nemo is a fish. If I find him I will eats him!

Two Legs say Seagulls say 'Mine! Mine! Mine!' and he thinks I says that too!!!

If Two Legs pick me up and I don't wants to be picked up I says so! Two Legs says I go 'Mee! Mee! Mee!' and says 'It's all about you Maximus isn't it?'


It should be about somebody else??????

Two Legs is so dumb.

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and it is all about me!!!!

I has spokens.


I is ginger furry Seagull......;-)


  1. The bird species will be proud to have you!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. Yours? Yours? Yours? Yours? Yours?
    I loved those seagulls. They made me laugh.

  3. Me and Charlie, your most faithful centurions, will Find Nemo for you so you may concentrate on being the Centre of the Universe!!! All Hail Maximus Spittimus!!!

    We would like your human to please get a Digital Cameras Made Simple book!! LOL! We are in need of more glorious pics hailing your utter gingerness!!!

    Take care

  4. My two-legs picks me up, I scream "OW OW OW OW". SHe does not really hurt me, in fact, it does not hurt at all. I am just feeling undignified when upside down and having tummy scritched.

    Those purrs are accidental. 2-legs should listen to the OW OW OW, not the purrs.

  5. Look forward to seeing all the pictures when your dad figures the camera out.. You are still a cutie with the old one.. Hugs GJ nxx

  6. Hi Maximus! We think that is a very cute picture of you sitting in the sink. We hope that Two Legs figures out the camera soon so we can see more pics of you!!

    We think that it is funny he says you are like a seagull - but seagulls are smart to eat fishes so we think he means you are smart. And of course it should be all about the kitties - that is just common knowledge!!

  7. We love this pic of you in the sink. You are such a cutie!

  8. Maximus I think you are more like Nemo than the seagulls. Brave, adventurous, kind to your friends, and ginger.
    Lucky Fin!!

  9. I love your pic in the sink. Pic in the sink? Nice rhyme!