Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Adventures Of Maximus Spittimus Part II

Two Legs is very busy doing whatever it is Two Legs do.

I is sorry I hasn't been to visit you but until Two Legs isn't busy I can't 'cause I don't know hows....

I thinks, 'let's go in gardens', so I does.

Two Legs say "Waits for me Maximus!"...Why I wait for him?

I goes and he must chases me!

This is me in wilds!

This is more me in wilds!

This is me sniffing wilds!

This is me hidings in wilds!

This is me up a tree!

I like wilds!

I come visit you soon as Two Legs is not too busy doing what ever it is is Two Legs is doings.

I is Maximus Spittimus and I 'as spokens.


  1. Those are great pictures of your adventure, Maximus; we're very impressed with your tree climbing skills!...Glad Two Leggs is looking out for you, even though you are being a brave boy in the wilds!...Happy Sunday...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. I am glad you are being supervised too, good to make sure all those lovely critters are safe as well.Enjoy your adventures.

  3. Great picyures of you in the wilds, but do take care ut there.. I wish I had a wilds like that to play in.. You are looking good. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Oh brave and noble Maximus Spittamus! I and Charlie bow to your mastery of the wilds! You are indeed the tamer of such wilds! We hope you have more wilds to roam around and call your own!

    May Two Legs get on with so we could all bask in your divine holiness, oh great One!

    Hail Maximus Spittamus, Lord of the Wilds!


    Take care

  5. Hey! We wanna come hang out in the wilds with you!

  6. Lovely photos of the wild, but wouldn't be as lovely without you! You're a brave boy, Maximus. We bow down before you in your supreme bravery.

  7. ave, maximus!! you seems like you is conquering yer world--brave and bold, you. but careful, yeah? two legs can't be efurrywhere at once;-)

    ed, nitro, xing, an' iggy

  8. have dad 2 legs play you a nice theme song...wild night...

  9. You have nice big wilds, Maximus. You also show up your fancy ginger markings much more vividly in the wilds.

    Kili does not go out in the wilds. Kili heard Mindi screaming and carrying on in the wilds and decides they are not her cup of catnip.

  10. Oh my, will YOU have time out from being a wildcat to post for us? You look very nice against all that greenstuff Maximus.

  11. Hi Maximus! We understand not visiting - we are 6 days behind visiting you because our mom is busy like 2 legs is! We think you are adorable out in the wilds! WE don't get to go there but it looks very fun! We hope two legs isn't busy too long - our mom claims she will be done with the busy after next week! We hope you have been having a good week and weekend!