Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Jingley Balls

The Man Two Legs says that 'Jingley Balls' means it is Chrissimussimuss....

The Lady Two Legs says that if he doesn't behave she'll 'Hang his Jingley Balls on the Christmas Tree'.....

Two Legs is so weirdimuss...

Firstly...a strange green thingimuss with sparkly bits has appeared in my house....I seem to recallimuss the same thing happened last year....I has no idea is a Two Legs thing which only goes to prove Two Legs are very strangeimuss...

In the meantime, Gracie Mae The Fruit Bat decided to rip a rug to bits - possibly because she has never seen a green sparkley thing in her new home and, being a Fruit Bat, thought ripping up a rug would show her view on the green sparkly thingimuss....

Purrdy Purr Purr on the other hand, took one look at the green sparkly thingy, rolled over and went back to sleepimuss.....Purrdy is sooooooooo coooool !!!

Bumble aka The Bumbles aka Bumbleeeny decided to shut her good eye and ignore these strange goings on...The Bumbles knows the score...she is ABOVE all of this stuff.....

Marie Bug stole my blankie and copied Purrdy in sleeping through it!!!!....YOU STOLE MY BLANKIE???????....Is there no respect left in my world????....MY BLANKIE????

The Stealth Bomber aka Stealthy spent an inordinate amount of time inspecting the rug torn to shreds by Fruit Bat.....I as no idea why but you doesn't ask Stealthy 'why?'....You just accepts Stealthy is least there wasn't a frog under the rug...for once...;-)

And I, your beloved Emporer Maximus Spittimus, considered going out of the Cat Flap to escape the strange happenings inside my Empire.

Then I thoughts.....'Oh...This is MY empire....I is in chargeimuss!!!' I didn't use the Cat Flap.

.....mainly because it is beneath me to use the Cat Flap...The Two Legs must open the door for me...but also because it was rainings and I would have got wetimuss.....


The Green Sparkly thingimuss is here again.....I wonder whether Fruit Bat will try to climb it?.....I bets she does....

Happy Christmasimuss from your Emporer....The Magnificent MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS....


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