Friday, 16 November 2012

Sleepings, Peepings And Bumbleeeny

Having survived the 'Night Of Loud Bangs, Whizzes, Fizzes and Crackles I is getting some well earned sleep.

My Generalissimo Stealth Bomber aka Stealthy, after spending a night sitting on my head to protect me is also getting some well earned zzzzzzzz's

Gracie Mae the Fruitbat is still peepings around corners in case anything else goes BANG or FIZZ is Marie who seems to be very tired but too perplexed at all the BANGS and WHIZZIES to go sleepimuss yet...

Tabatha Tab-Tabs, who is an 'outdoor girl' is still missings after two daysimuss...I is worried...The Man Two Legs has gone out and called yet to no avail. Still, Tabatha Tab-Tabs is an outdoor independent she will come home when she feels it is safe to emerge and she is hungrymuss enough...I hopes..

Purrdy is still under the Little Two Legs bed...she is in shockimuss at all the noiseimuss!!!

But The Bumble?

The Bumble aka The Bumbles aka Bumbleeeny is incredibly unperturbed by all those BANGS and CRACKS...She is The Thatcher of the feline world!!! She is my IRON LADY!!!!

Now pose for the camera Iron Lady!....Let my Centurions see how magnificent and brave you are!!!! - only because of my influence....obviously....Bumble obeys my every command!!!

Now...pose again Bumble.... me!

Oh to hell with it!......Women!!!!

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS (WRIGGLY KITTY) and I 'as Bumbles 'as left the building.....

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