Friday, 19 October 2012

Marie Marie Oh With Your Eyes So Blue.... was Blondie's 'Denis'...well never mind...Marie's eyes aren't blue but so whatimuss???

Marie seems to have taken a liking to following me around thereby clearly stating that she is a Kittie of enormously good taste.

I didn't even know she was there....copying my window ledge window ledging...

Then I realised she was thereimuss...

Marie is tailing her way into my Leading Centurionesses....and you has to is quite a tail!!!!

And those eyes!!!.....I melts into those eyes...

I is THE EMPORER MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS (WRIGGLY KITTY) and I thinks I is in loveimuss....

I 'as spokens...


  1. Youre one lucky cat to have such a beautiful Ladycat wanting to spend window time with you.

  2. Me and Charlie and little Gumtree - your most loyal centurions although senior Charlie says Gumtree is on probation and needs to earn his centurion stripes first even though little Gumtree is a tabby and has beautiful stripes already - hails the new Emperor Maximus's new Babe-imuss!! Take care

  3. You lucky mancat to have such a lovely minion.