Friday, 20 July 2012

If I Ruled The World...Every Day Would Be The...Oh....Er...I Do Rule The

Tabatha is an absolute hussy!

The Man Two Legs had to rescue her from under a car where she was ensconsed with a stray Tom.

Tabatha aka Tab-Tabs is getting spayed on Monday.

I likes having kitties to train up as Centurions but not too many kitties at a time! There is only one of me...well...obviously....there can only be one of MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS (WRIGGLY KITTY) EMPORER OF THE UNIVERSE AND ALL HE SURVEYS - AND ANY BITS HE HASN'T SURVEYED AS YET....imuss....

YOU....Tabatha Tabs-Tabs are a hussy!!!!

I 'AS SPOKENS.........
so thereimuss


  1. All hail Maximus Spittimus, Emperor of the Universe!! Me and Charlie, your most loyal centurions are glad to know that after Monday, terrific Tabatha will no longer be a hussy-muss but another gorgeous Centurioness in the making! Yay! Take care

  2. What a norty girl! Maximus, you need to keep tabs on Tabs, if you get out drift.

  3. Tabs does indeed need your supervision
    and medical intervention
    too many kittens at once will put a strain on your army

  4. oh dear, Tab-tab... you naughty girl you!